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President Bobbie Harvey joined the RV sales world when she married Jim Harvey in 1974. She and her husband managed RV lots in Florida, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri until his death in 2011. Family was always at the forefront of the business. Bobbie and Jim treated store managers like family, grooming them to buy the stores and run them as independent businesses. It was a formula that proved successful several times over. Today, Bobbie is involved in all business decisions, but no longer keeps a daily presence in the sales and service at the stores.


Kelley Harvey

Vice President Kelley Harvey has been part of the Recreational Vehicle business her entire life. Her parents are the company’s founders, Jim and Bobbie Harvey. She remembers her dad quizzing her about the different RVs they saw during summer vacations. She attended college for two years, but most of her business knowledge comes from working with her parents. Kelley has been with the company since 1996. One of her favorite parts of her job is ordering the vehicles for the stores. She loves camping and loves providing the means for other families to enjoy this traditional pastime.

Sonya Rodgers

Sonya Rodgers

Vice President Sonya Rodgers also has been part of the Recreational Vehicle business her entire life. Her parents are the company’s founders, Jim and Bobbie Harvey. Sonya, who has worked at the Mount Pleasant location since about 2010, still finds it exciting to help a family find the perfect vehicle to enjoy time together in the outdoors.


Bay City:


Barry Murray


Dan Wright


Eddie Brewer


Fred Lutz

General Manager Barry Murray has been with International RV World since 1998. Jim and Bobbie recruited him after an 18-year career managing the Texan restaurant in Midland. They were his best customers. “I love what we do here.” Barry says. “We are able to offer a product to a customer that they can build dreams with.” Barry said the adults often are overwhelmed by the information and decisions. Their children, though, are pure excitement. That drives Barry. His own best childhood memories are from family camping trips. He loves knowing these kids are about to experience moments they’ll remember forever.

Salesman Dan Wright joined International RV World in 2009. He understands what people want on vacation because he used to run a store and rental cabins in northern Michigan. He also understands motorized vehicles as he was a car and truck salesman at one point. He enjoys camping, although it’s hard to find time in the summer when the business gets busy. The best part of the job, though, is knowing that he’s selling fun to families. He also enjoys working with the Harvey family and his co-workers.

Salesman Eddie Brewer didn’t seek out a career selling RVs, but discovered it when he came to the store in 2012 to do some remodeling work. Eddie was a construction project manager for most of his adult life. But that changed during a remodeling project at International RV World. Eddie got along so well with the staff and customers that the dealership hired him to sell the campers. He grew up camping, so it was a natural fit. Today, he still says meeting customers is the best part of his job.

Salesman Fred Lutz started with International RV World in 2015. He knew the Harvey family well, though, as he owned a Texan restaurant in Midland that Jim and Bobbie Harvey frequented. He sold the restaurant, but wasn’t ready to retire. International RV World was a perfect fit. He gets to see many of his former customers and employees. He also loves the excitement of watching customers anticipating vacations and good times that await.

Brooke Kranuch

Brooke Kranuch

Jamie Kranuch

Jamie Kranuch

Brooke and Jamie Kranich – the husband-and-wife team who run the service department – get to meet families on the exciting day when they get their new RV. Brooke and Jamie demonstrate how everything works on the RV. The couple is meticulous in making sure new owners understand how to work every feature. That’s the kind of friendly service that exemplifies the International RV World experience. Jamie loves that the dealership is large enough to provide full service, but small enough to care about individual customers. Brooke believes in giving friendly advice and making things right for the families who put their trust in International RV World.

Mount Pleasant:

Mark Silliven

Mark Silliven

Mark Silliven, also a salesperson, came to International RV World from a position into automobile sales. Selling recreation vehicles is similar to selling cars, but a lot more fun. “Everybody is a good mood when they’re buying a camper,” Mark said. Adults and children are excited and full of smiles as they explore their options and anticipate the good times they will have in their camper. Mark is a camper himself, when he has time.

Brittany Kelly calls herself a jack of all trades at International RV World. She has been with the firm about 3 years, working in everything from detailing to warranty work. Today, she said she primarily works with warranty claims. Earlier in her career, Brittany worked in restaurant kitchens. Those were good jobs, but what she loves about International RV World is working for a small, family-owned business. She enjoys her colleagues, too, which makes the workday fun.

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